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UoNCCJS Podcast - Isabella Crebert

Are you interested in all things crime, murder and mystery? If you answered yes to all of these, you've probably listened to our podcast. If you haven't had a chance to listen just yet (even though you definitely should, link below!), that's okay, because this post is an interview with the extremely successful host of the podcast, and good friend of mine, Isabella Crebert. We discuss the most popular episodes, her ideas and much more below.

Pictured: Isabella Crebert

So Isabella, to start things off what has been your most popular episode? And on top of that, what was your favourite to create and work on?

The most popular episode is by far ‘Psychopaths and Sociopaths’ with Dr Xanthé Mallett. I think people are fascinated with the idea that television and film characters who portray these titles, are actually based on people who walk among us. A lot of people often don’t know the difference between a psychopath and sociopath, so I think that Xanthé’s expertise really helped to make that distinction clear. It’s also imperative that people know what a psychopath and what a sociopath is because it is, unfortunately, not uncommon to encounter one.

I have genuinely loved recording all of the episodes and feel so lucky to have such fantastic guests. My favourite episode was actually not one that I recorded but that I helped organise when Tomika Hillebrand was the host, which was ‘Clandestine Grave Discovery’. Tori’s expertise is fascinating and she made recording really enjoyable.

How do you come up with the episode ideas?

When planning for season two, I knew that I wanted the focus to be on criminal psychology, hence psychopaths and sociopaths, and pedophiles. However, I actually had quite a number of lecturers and students reach out to me with ideas that I took on board, such as Eyewitness Memory. My friends also gave me some great ideas, so I have to thank them. Shout out to:

My partner, Liam Pouw, for suggesting Fire Investigation

My best friend, Abbey Matt, for suggesting adding sociopaths in conjunction with the psychopath episode

And my dear friend, Avril James, for suggesting Body Farms.

What topic do you wish you explored, but just didn’t have the time to?

I would have loved to explored to Royal Commission into Black Deaths in custody, but getting a guest with spare time to come on the podcast was difficult, however it is definitely something that I would encourage a future host to explore.

Globally, how far is the reach of the podcast?

The podcast has become quite popular globally. We have listeners in the US, UK, Sweden, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Serbia, India, Algeria, Russia, Italy, Norway, South Africa, Mexico, Guam, Chile, Vietnam, Belgium, Portugal, Zimbabwe and Turkey.

It’s absolutely incredible that we have such a diverse range of listeners.

From this podcast, not only is it extremely interesting and educational to its audience, you have also gained a bit out of it as well through the fire investigation episode I gather? Could you tell us a bit about this?

I was fortunate enough have been offered a ride along position with Fire Forensics. I was contacted by Aaron Markey, who is an investigator and all round legend, and BJ Jones, the head of Fire Forensics and podcast guest. I jumped at the chance to have a hands on experience in forensics. I have been fortunate enough to attend a fire scene with Aaron and become obsessed with fire investigation. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to be host and gain this position with Fire Forensics.



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